Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time Does Fly

Yes, I remember posting this in an old blog about a couple of years ago. I'm feeling so blessed to be able to be with my family, that when I found it, I thought it be great sharing it once again. Though at times I can get caught up in the many distractions of life, I like to stop and just thank my L-rd for His goodness, and all the blessings He's poured on me. There's no doubt, children are a blessing!

I'm inserting this recent picture along with this post, which I think is hilarious by the way. See, some of the kids were distracted and looking down when I was about to take their picture: so this is what happens, when I tell them...


Time does fly

'Now they're little but soon they'll be grown!' Time does indeed fly. Kids will only be kids for so long; then whether we like it or not they'll grow. Let me put it like this. Remember when you were younger? How about... Ever think your parents were once kids themselves? At times it may seem that time goes rather slow. This is especially true when we are struggling. When will I get a full night's sleep again? When will I stop having to change diapers? When ,when, when? Then, there are all those things you'd like to be doing but can't.
Kids are a great investment. We invest a great deal of time, energy, strength, emotions, money, and the list goes on and on. There are certainly many sacrifices that must be made when raising a family. Personally, I think at times of things I'd like to do when the kids grow a bit more and I'm able to get away a little longer. But all that can wait. Nothing is more valuable than my time with them now. I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything else in the world. There is a poem that puts it so well, which I'll gladly post later on. But for now, I'll just say that I'm eternally grateful to the L-rd for the opportunity of being a mom and the blessing of every minute I'm able to enjoy it!               PRAISE ADONAI!

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