Sunday, November 7, 2010


To better keep a record of my thoughts, goals, struggles, and accomplishments
To encourage and organize progress
To share tips and ideas
To bring glory to The HOLY ONE BLESSEED BE HE
To connect with others likeminded
Some ideas that go way back were to include a variety of topics that are of great interest to me. Most if not all are closely related to my personal life experience. My convictions and worldview will be my starting point dictating to a great degree, the topics chosen.
The name for this blog pertty much describes both the theme of this blog, and the way all topics conect some how. The topics discussed will range From Home to Eternity.
Therefore I have chosen that as my new blog name.
Topics included in my blog:
Favorite sites
Jewish recipes
Book Fairs
Favorite sites
Personal poems
Child rearing
Vegetable gardening
Flower gardening
Arts and Crafts
Favorite Reads
Just for Fun

Throughout my life journey I have come to discover great truths and lessons impossible to ignore. At some point of my life I have come to a crossroads and have come face to face with a life changing decision. It is in the desire of my heart to be faithful to my L-rd and maker. With that in mind I have at different times opted for the road less traveled. Not because of my wisdom or even common sense, have I chosen this path. Truly I can say that because of Hashem’s Mercy upon my family, have we been blessed in this journey. We’ve so much yet to learn and have therefore been blessed by the examples set by the faithful before us.
By no means would I claim to even come close to being perfect or have an answer to everything. It is in my flaws that I daily see my desperate need for my Abba’s Salvation. His guidance is what I pray for and ask that he straighten my path. Together with my loving husband we seek to learn from our L-rd and serve Him. Bringing up our children in the admonition and fear of the L-rd will be a definite goal. We recognize our family as a gift entrusted to us. With that in mind my calling as a helpmeet and mother is unquestionably clear. May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be acceptable in the site of the L-rd my strength and my redeemer. Amen!

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