Sunday, November 7, 2010

Special Sukkot

This year we had a beautiful Sukkot celebration. Sukkot, known to many as the Feast of Tabernacles is become a very important part of our faith and family life. We had such a pleasant and edifying time. During this G-D appointed times we somehow connect to our Creator in a way that is amazing. With every feast observed in joyful obedience, we agree to meet with Him in His appointed time which makes it so special. For those of us that can relate, it's meeting up with the one the heart longs for. A date with the one loved. Yes, there is already a relationship there to begin with. And we should always be connected to the source of our life, our G-D. Yet, when He specifically calls to meet with us and we are there, it strengthens our relationship with him in an unexplainable way. There's just a closeness that is just so beautiful.

To begin with we planned our Sukkah and built it ahead of time. The kids all helped decorating it and had fun doing it. We did different activities throughout the celebration. It was a good opportunity for reading Torah and learning more about the feast. We ate our meals there daily, and the kids even slept in it. My allergies didn't allow me to sleep there, but I would have loved to. One day we watched Ushpizin from our laptop. Another time we watched Sukkot related videos and teachings. The kids also had Sukkot coloring pages to work on. And one more thing that made this time so special, was having guest over and sharing a meal with them in our Sukkah. We were so blessed and edified. No doubt it will be a memory to cherish for the whole family. Blessed be the Name of the Most High. This was definitely "Hag Sameach" a happy holiday.

                                                building the Sukkah

                                             decorating the Sukkah

                                       kids enjoying some frozen treats in Sukkah
                                            reading Torah during a meal

                                                       waving Lulav
                                                 two of our guests

                                    we could see the moon through the roof
                                              our Sukkah lighting at night

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