Saturday, July 20, 2013

Giant Menorah; New Design

Once again, my husband had a great idea concerning a project he set out to do. I have to say, I'm so glad to be able to see his talent and creativity at work. He worked in quick manner, as he had a clear idea of a design for a new menorah. I enjoyed helping him, though I did very little. Here is a couple of photos of both the process and finished project. By the way, the menorah is now the property of a local congregation; we were glad to hear they liked it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's late at night and I'm about to turn in. Had to put my baby to sleep, which I don't normally do. Usually, she just goes to sleep with her big sis (my second-born). Today, her big sister is out of town. My mom recently had cataract surgery, and my daughter, volunteered to go take care of her for a few days. I wish I could have gone myself, but can't leave the rest of my kids at this time. I am immensely grateful though, to see my daughter's eagerness to serve and know that love for her grandma is what motivated her. Also my son (4th born) wished to go and help. They are both there, and I missed them so much, but am glad my mom will enjoy their company; plus she'll have some nice home cooked meals made by her grandchildren. Tonight I'm feeling so blessed! Blessed be Hashem, that has allowed me the privilege of raising a family, that is learning more about serving others and putting into practice acts of chesed.