Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Outside my window...  I hear my kids running outside.

I am thinking...  About a friend that just suffered a terrible loss. I'm keeping her in my prayers.

I am thankful...  My baby is sleeping in his bed beside mine; and I feel so blessed to have a healthy newborn baby boy. Life is beautiful!

In the kitchen... A delightful smell fills the air. My daughter just made spaghetti sauce from scratch and my other daughter is cooking some pasta. Earlier, my son made some pizzas for everyone. I can't complain. 

I am wearing...  Some comfy sweats and a t-shirt. Anything that makes it easier to nurse my baby boy is my ideal wardrobe.

I am creating...  Nothing at the moment, just taking time to rest and bonding with my newborn.

I am going... To stay put. I visited my mom out of town yesterday and have been quite busy the past few days. I desperately need some rest.

I am wondering... What the menu for Shabbat  should be. We need to do our shopping by tomorrow.

I am reading... A couple of books. One that I started a while back is titled G-d in Search of Man by Joshua Heschel

I am hoping...  To get work done. I have much house work awaiting me. 

I am looking forward to... My brother-in-law and his family are visiting next week; can't wait to see them. 

I am learning... How important it is to continue studying Torah and specially  living by it.

Around the house...  It seems much quieter since three o my sons went out, and the little ones are in the family room.

I am pondering...  How to simplify my life and get rid of many things that just clutter.

A favorite quote for today...  One who does not increase [his knowledge] decreases it. -Pirkei Avot 1:13 

One of my favorite things... Is holding my baby in my arms. Then again, everyone around here wants to hold him, which means I mostly get to hold him at night.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Set up dentist appointments for my kids. Clean up my family room and library.

A peek into my day...  I haven't taken many pictures lately but this picture about sums it up.

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