Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Menorah Channukia Project

It's amazing seeing a project take shape. Usually my husband and I work together on different projects throughout the year. Having a knack for crafting designs and ideas in general, I love to watch my husband work out ways to put them together. The way it usually works out is, I come up with a design and he makes it happen. We work well together, although at times it can be challenging to agree due to our different opinions on how to carry out our ideas. A few years back, we decided to make a five foot iron menorah. We were both pleased with the design, and ended up donating it to Zion, our congregation.
This year we worked on another menorah, using a very different material. We shared some pictures with another congregation, and they became interested in it. Yesterday my husband received a call from the congregation asking us to take the menorah for their Channukah celebration. The thing is, the menorah we made, unlike a channukia, only had seven branches. Once something of that magnitude is made, one can't just go and change the design in an easy manner. To add two branches like the rest was out of the question, so we bounced some ideas off of each other, and came up with a solution to the problem.
A shortened version of the arms was put together, which can also be removed. Here is a picture, with the original design.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 As  can be seen from the pictures, the menorah is quite large. The solution we opted for is pretty much practical. It took some tinkering, but worked out in the end. Here is a picture of the new adjustments. 

                                                     new part to be slipped over fixed arm
                                                                    new part in place

It's not quite finished yet, it still needs to be completed. The next segment of the arm, needs to be attached, and a good base needs to be added.  We only have a short time to complete it, but I think it will be ready in time. I'll try to do a follow up post from the celebration, since we have also been invited to attend.    


  1. Wow, spectacular!! Please post pic when the project is finished... :-D

  2. Oh, it is indeed wonderful! I have been trying to figure out a way to do the same... Looking forward to the finished project! May YHWH bless the works of your hands :D