Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summer Reading

Today was library day. The kids were so enthusiastic about turning in their reading logs. Actually the kids read through out the year. We try to visit the library on a regular basis as part of our homeschooling year. But I do notice a bit of a difference during summer. It seems the local library's summer reading program always gets the kids excited about reading lots of new books. Even though their prize give aways or raffles are great incentives, reading for its pure joy is undeniable. Today was fun for the kids. When I woke in the morning everyone was all set to go, and were only waiting on me. I had to hurry and get ready because they quickly got in the car and were waiting there. After a long day of cake, snow cones, punch, train rides, and gifts we were on our way back home. But to finish off the celebration we decided to first stop for some pizza and ice-cream. I'm glad for days such as these. I so enjoy just watching the kids have fun. What a blessing, to be able to spend time with my kids and do the kind of things they like.

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