Sunday, November 7, 2010

Date With Godzilla

I loaded my last load in the drier and have a few minutes to unwind. Today mostly slipped away without much progress in our schooling or home. It started out with my getting up with just enough time to drop my son off to his GED class. As I got home I was met outside by my other son Isaac. He apparently was upset about my not having taken the time to watch a movie with him. Since this was so important to him, I agreed to not put it off any longer. We went to my room and were joined by everyone else for the long anticipated event. My oldest daughters set up our lap top quickly connecting it to our plasma TV. The movie began and with the kids all gathered around we settled to watch. At some point though, I'm not sure when, I began falling asleep. It's not that I don't care to watch Godzilla movies which so interest my child, but the nights being kept up due to my allergies is taking a toll on me. I feel lousy most of the day, and don't usually get the amount of sleep my body requires. So I slept until I finally dragged myself out of bed, only because it was time to pick up David from class. The rest of the day is more of a blur to me. Beside the few loads of laundry I managed to get done, a few dishes washed, some picking up here and there, and sending the kids to do their schooling and do some chores I practically wasted the day.
I felt groggy and cranky but mostly guilty. First, I disappointed Isaac who noticed my falling asleep, obviously! Then I didn't oversee my kids schooling as I like. My house work definitely demands more of my attention if it is to keep functioning. Tomorrow L-rd willing will be a better day. After my morning prayers I'm planning to get working on a to-do list. I find this helpful; specially when my mind is not clear as a result of the little sleep I'm getting lately. One thing I best include in the list is my time with Isaac no matter what it takes. Time spent with my kids is extremely important. Not only is it important to them, but I want to be sure they know how much it means to me too. So tomorrow it's another date Isaac, Me, and yes, once again Godzilla.

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