Sunday, February 24, 2013

Making Meaningful Memories

 It's a wonderful thing to be a stay-at-home mom enjoying the presence  of one's family. I'm grateful for the years I've been blessed with this privilege.  Things have changed though, and have brought me to a point where I am finding myself employed and away from the home as many other mom's out there. I can't complain, as I am working in a place I like; however, I do miss being at home where I no doubt belong. This is the reason that I haven't had time to get on the computer, much less write anything.

 Because of the time I'm away, I'm having a difficult time balancing my time wisely to spend with my kids and keep up with my housework among other responsibilities. I am grateful however, for the opportunity to work near the house which enables me to come for lunch and spend more time at home. I'm trying to get creative and find ways to make the best of the current situation. If all goes as planned, I'll leave work and be a stay-at-home mom again in about three more months. For now, I'm praying for the strength to get through this time and counting the days until I'm home all day again with my family. I don't want to miss being with my children.

 Though I'm working five days a week, we've managed to make time to do a few things the kids enjoy. Here I'll share some shots taken from these special times.

                                                     Out for some ice cream

                                                           Outdoor Play

                                                  Road Trip With my Teens

                                                      At Garner Park


                                                   Our Nice Little Cabin

                                                  Making use of this fireplace

                                             Couldn't leave technology behind

                                                  Bundled up for the trip back

Tea Party With the Girls

Visit to Grandma's

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