Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Experiment or Experience

My 1st and 2nd born holding their baby sister

My husband was home for the day, and I suggested we do something together. We had no pictures with our baby so it's decided to visit a park for some photographs.  Yes, even my always-busy-college children were persuaded to join us.  As we left the house I rushed out the door reminding my first born he was to take the last three of his siblings and meet us.  Actually, though we had talked of going to a park to get some family pictures taken, we were running quite late.  It was a bit disappointing at first. When we arrived, we rushed to a favorite spot where a creek now had dried up. As the kids sat on a log, we began taking some snap shots in a hurry. The lighting was going faster than anticipated as the sun went down, and not all my kids had arrived. Then it hit me, why not use the circumstances to our advantage. Yes, we would continue taking pictures but this time with a twist. My idea was to go for a silhouette theme. Bearing in mind, there was little time for planning which resulted in some overlapped figures, I was quite pleased.

Rushing to find a spot for some shots

Some of my kids posing for some pictures

It was sad to see the creek had dried up

Look up!

My 3rd born daughter joins in

Showing the baby to wave

A picture with Dad

We scramble for a spot

Some random arrangement

Last few pictures with light

Still some kids missing

They finally arrive

Wondering how to make this work

First few experimental shots

My daughter

The camera is set to take our pictures

Some kids are overlapped in the images

Another try

Kids by themselves

Trying to get them all in

Making eye shapes

Getting creative

Just having fun

We take s last picture with a flash

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