Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Joyous Sukkot

Here are some photographs of our Sukkot celebration. We are truly enjoying ourselves and I hope you all are too.

                                                          Our Sukkah

Abby in the Sukkah

Fixing our bench 

Baby looking around

Our candle to keep mosquitoes out

Top view of candle

Seth and Judith

Matthew joins in

Working on some decorations

Abby making fruit decorations

Here they are

Magen David

Our kids bring pecans from our tree

Seth's big smile

Having a good time

Reaching for fruit

Hanging fruit baskets

Our light fixture

Paintings on canvas our kids made last year for our Sukkah

Hiding behind our curtains


Playing around

We have a few more days to go, and memories to share. Chag Sukkot Sameach!


  1. Wow thank you for sharing! I love that you did paintings with your kids! It's giving me ideas for my family.

  2. Thanks, they had fun making them. I suggested the theme and they got to work on them. I really like them, so they're on display on our family room. ;)