Sunday, March 27, 2011

Table Settings and Other Beautiful Things

Beautifully set tables have been an interest of mine, for long. Thinking back I remember always liking, pretty dishes and tableware, in general. I remember thinking as I was growing up, that one day I'd like to collect teapots. I've since abandoned that goal, but I have bought a few teapots from time to time. Looking back now, I believe, my mother was a big influence, in this area. She always took special care of how the table was set and what kind of dishes she would be using during dinner parties. Having a home of my own many years later, I find myself taking special interest in those very same things. I don't exactly host too many dinner parties; I have hosted a few yearly dinners, mostly Pesach and Channukah celebrations; but occasionally other dinners as well. When I do have a special dinner, I enjoy using beautiful table settings. I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to enhance my table decor. Right now, I'm hoping to replace my Pesach dishes, so I'll be shopping around and looking for a new set. The way I see it is that a well perpared meal and lovingly set table can make one feel welcomed. In my opinion, it's nice to know someone took special care and thought to prepare a table for them.

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