Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not neccesarily spring cleaning

We have begun our yearly routine, of deep cleaning. I don't necessarily clean for the sake of the spring tradition, though. The cleaning we'll be doing, around here, will be with the exclusive purpose of honoring G-d and His Word. Our goal is the complete removal, of chametz(anything containing leaven). These following weeks will be spent in intense deep cleaning. We'll be basically going through a detailed to-do-list of all the cleaning that is to be done around the house.We will be dusting every book, from our library, and cleaning our shelves carefully. The kitchen appliances will also be moved to clean behind them; as from time to time a cookie or other bread-like food may roll under it. Rugs will be washed; living and family room furniture vacuumed carefully. Our curtains will be washed and some walls may be painted at this time. The children's rooms will need some detailed cleaning, especially their closets which need to be reorganized. Usually my husband takes this time to check for any repairs or maintenance, that may need to be done as well. This usually winds up spilling over unto the yard and he'll end up having the kids cleaning up all sorts of stuff around our small property. The next few weeks will be the busiest, as now I have to divide my time, between driving my son to school (which keeps me many hours away from home) and working to get all my cleaning done in time for Pesach.
Here I am posting some links to these excellent sites with very helpful lists for the removal of any food products containing chametz. (Also included in the links other helpful sites on the topic of chametz).


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