Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Havdalah Set Arrival

Something that I have looked forward to for some time now has finally happened. This day was distinctively marked by the arrival of my new Havdalah set. Yesterday I received my Havdalah candle (which I did not include in the picture for now). The set I decided to buy is made of brass; which I thought would be a good choice for our family due to its durability. For the most part I wanted to stay away from anything that was too fragile and could therefore easily break. It was hard deciding on a Havdalah set because there are so many beautiful sets to choose from. The Judaica which I bought it from is called Aharon's MileChai Judaica. I'm quite pleased with their products and service; and hope to do some upcoming purchases from them again. The flowers in the picture are one more reason that I'm thrilled about. They are a gift from my incredibly sweet and thoughtful husband. I thought they would make a good backdrop for the Havdalah set picture, while also be a good way to keep the memory. This is without a doubt, a special week. 

*A Note on Havdalah
Havdalah is basically 'separation' It is a service that marks a distinct separation between the holy set apart time and the ordinary rest of the time. This is a change from the the consecrated to the regular weekly routine. Special blessings are recited over the fruit of the vine (wine or grape juice), fragrant spices, and a braided candle which is lit. The wine is sipped as in other special occasions symbolizing great joy and sanctifying the moment. The candle is lit much in the same way that in the beginning of Shabbat candles are lit as we welcome the day; only this time the braided candle is marking the distinction between the end of Shabbat and the following week. The spices are a sweet aroma promoting a lingering scent of our beloved day. By observing the sky one can determine the time for Havdalah at the sight of three stars. The concluding prayer is as follows:
Blessed art thou, G-d, our L-rd, King of the Universe Who distinguishes Holiness from profanity, Light from dark, Israel from the nations, The seventh day from the six workdays, Blessed art thou, God Who distinguishes holiness from profanity.


  1. Something of a Shabbat Shabbat? I'll have to learn more. :). Beautiful set!

  2. Thank You, here is a link to a site with the blessings.