Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Under the Table Haggadah!

Seders can get quite long and this can be difficult for the little ones. We like providing plenty of well illustrated books for the kids on the subject. There are many resources and ideas to implement. Some things I like personally are:

- Engaging my kids in the whole process and preparation (decorations are a favorite)
-Help preparing some of the dishes to be served
-Pesach coloring books
-Learning and singing a variety of Pesach songs (Seder Nights by Paul Zim is a favorite)
-Building mini-models of Pesach scenes for display during our Seder

Still wondering about the title? Well, If you have kids and long Seders here I present some book suggestions. One book is titled Uncle Eli's Passover Haggadah:(Special-for-Kids, Most-Fun-Ever, Under-the-Table).

The link I'm sharing with the book title, is actually for the web site to the online version, but the book can be found at Amazon.

Another book which happens to be one of my favorites is The Animated Haggadah by Rony Oren. Eye catching pictures for all ages makes this one very interesting. I really like all the clay characters.

One last suggestion is Passover: The Ultimate Sticker Book This one is learning and fun bundled up in one book. 

I hope this post was of some help. I wish you all a Hag Sameach!

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