Friday, April 15, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Someone is always baking around the house

Sharing with everyone

Fire at the neighbors yard

Helping to put out the fire

Firemen arrive

Seth feeding chickens

Seems he was pecked

Trying to feed the dog

Studying Torah

Traveling with the girls

Our boys (baby was sleeping)


Our Happy Baby

Playing Guitar

Our cat and dog resting together

Praise and Worship

Snow fun

Dog and Duck tracks

Pipe bursts at neighbor's property

Celebrating my sister's anniversary

Enjoying time with my Hubby

Playing games after Havdalah with the Talents

Trip to Mexico

My mother-in-law's pet

At my sister-in-law's restaurant

He made me a flower out of a napkin

My sister-in-law's restaurant

Heading back home

Kids sprouting apple seeds

Rehearsing for Purim play

Purim grogger

Kids make and fly their kite


My toddler burried our dog with freshly cut grass

Working on a yard project

Finished project

With her newly hatched ducklings

We stocked up on Matzos

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