Thursday, December 9, 2010

Channukah, 8 Days Remembered

The very first day of Channukah was without a doubt the most memorable. The L-rd, Blessed be His Name, answered the prayer of our hearts. My sister's husband, a sweet, godly man underwent a vital surgical procedure. Not long ago his health was suffering from several issues that  required immediate and dangerous treatments. I'm glad to say that by Hashem's loving kindness, and mercy, he underwent a successful kidney transplant, and is quickly recovering. We feel so blessed that my 18yr.old nephew with the greatest love and honor for his father, made the decision to be the donor.
We also lit our menorah together with my other brother-in-law, and my sister via skype.

We completed the project worked on for the past few weeks. Together with my husband, we designed and made a giant menorah.

Made a trip to San Antonio, to visit the congregation Shearit Yisrael for their Channukah celebration. We were happy to see family there, especially my nephew Caleb whom was recovering from the procedure of donating an organ.
                                                My nephew Caleb and my daughter Chava 


                                                     Shearit Yisrael

                                              Preparing to light the menorah

Went to Shabbat Service @ Zion. We were so blessed to be at the Shabbat Service and fellowship with others there.

Made yummy latkes for breakfast. Went to Zion's Channukah celebration in the evening. The kids had an amazing time and really enjoyed themselves.

Singing @ Zion

Kids Playing with Dreidels

Matthew with his gelt

Everyone's Channukias

Celebrated Channukah at home and had a talent show. Not only did we have lovely music, but we shared many laughs that night and had a truly memorable time as a family.

Reading from my siddur

Playing and Laughing Together

Pretending to be asleep

Worked on project with the kids. We got the art supplies out and had a blast painting plates with Channukah designs. All I had to do is send one of my kids to get the paints out; and before I knew it, everyone was gathered around the table painting. Everyone at our house loves painting. =)

Chava's Creation

We had our last celebration at home; lit the candles (tea light candles), sang, and read from my siddur. We made hot fudge sundaes and nachos. As an old tradition of our family, my husband gave each one of the kids a flash light which they enjoyed playing with, till late at night.
Tea lights we used when we ran out of the other candles

My Siddur

The kids get their flashlights

Waving the lights around

Playing outside

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