Thursday, May 1, 2014

A New Beginning

Here is an old post which somehow never was published.

As this year began I had no idea where it would lead. One thing is certain, my heart's desire has been and still is to serve and know our G-D better and to draw closer to His will. I've always dreaded the thought of being lukewarm; of just getting by each day. Every day that passes, is a blessed opportunity to strive for a higher goal, to learn, to share, to love our Creator and those He has made. My days have changed so much since this year began. Looking back I can say, that it's been a difficult year; and that is just putting it mildly. The hardships nevertheless are by far insignificant when compared to the amazing blessings that have poured into our lives. How can I not be thankful and have a heart filled with joy. An immeasurable peace and love, that can only come from our G-D; that which He has been given to us.


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