Thursday, September 22, 2011

A New Love

I've been away quite a while, but haven't forgotten about this blog. My schedule is pretty hectic lately, which barely leaves me enough energy or time to check my e-mails. Sometimes I will check my e-mail briefly about once a week mostly on our phone because it's faster. The thing is, beside my tiring schedule, one other thing I've been dealing with is a new pregnancy. Of course this is exciting news for my family and me, though it happens to be during a very busy time. I've got about two months to go and don't know yet if we'll be having a boy or girl. All I know, is I love the thought of soon holding my little one in my arms. 
Monday thru Thursday I'm out all day driving between one city to another. I come home late at night to finally get some much needed rest. I'm hoping to be able to continue for at least another month. As of the past few weeks, I've been driving my kids to either college, college prep classes, and/or volunteer work at a nearby hospital. Soon they'll be of on their own, and I'll be awaiting the arrival of our new family member. We are very blessed and grateful for Hashem’s goodness.

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